UV lamp bodies

As part of the Hönle Group, Raesch has a strong position in the field of UV lamps. Based on the high-quality raw material, the production in Malta is able to manufacture lamp bodies that produce outstanding end products for our customers.

We manufacture UV lamp bodies from different quartz glass types and prepare them for further processing for our customers. For this purpose we use natural quartz, doped material or ozone-producing quartz glass. Depending on the desired prefabrication depth, the tubes can be tapered or widened in the electrode area. In addition, we perform the application of amalgam spots or coating with our own long-life coating.
During the entire product development, we pay particular attention to the purity of our products and the best cleanliness in their processing. On this basis, UV lamp bodies of highest quality are produced for further processing into UVC low-pressure lamps, UV medium-pressure lamps or excimer lamps.

The possible uses of our UV lamps are very broad. UVC low-pressure lamps are used, for example, in water treatment systems or UV sterilizers, whereas UV medium-pressure lamps are used mainly for UV ink curing, for UV varnish drying or for vitamin D synthesis.

By investing in value-added processes such as long-life coatings, customizing sleeves with tailor-made end caps and laser markings, Raesch has become a trusted supplier to many UV water treatment companies.

In-house developments of semi-automated systems and high productivity in combination with high-quality quartz glass have enabled Raesch to assert itself in the market for UV tanning lamps.

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Application examples:

  • UV-Medium pressure lamps
  • UVC-Low pressure lamps
  • U-Shaped lamps
  • UV-Meander lamps
  • UV-Special lamps
  • UV-Spiral lamps
  • TQ-Lamps