Long-life coating for mercury lamps

Raesch Quarz (Malta) Ltd has ventured into the market of UV disinfection quite early and has managed to carve out a very strong position in this market.  We provide our customers with various tubes to be used in the production of lamps for UV disinfection.  These tubes are all Ti-doped ozone-free quartz.  

We also offer Proprietary long-life coating of amalgam lamp tubes to minimize mercury loss during lamp operation and maximise lamp life-time:-

  • Lamp efficiency is higher throughout the operating life of the lamp
  • Longer lamp life time means lower replacement costs

Another service we offer is Gold spot application for quicker processing of amalgam lamps at the customers’ plants.

Like with all our products, Coated tubes are packaged appropriately to prevent scratches and transportation breakages and have detailed labelling that provides full traceability.

We also offer safety stock facilities to ensure uninterrupted supply to our customers.

Application example:

  • Water Filtration systems
  • Systems for the Reduction of pollutants in industrial exhaust air
  • Systems for the Decomposition/Reduction of pollutants in the air

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