Quartz consumables

We also produce a range of Quartz consumables – Quartz tubes for inline measurement probes for the metal industry; Translucent Novosil quartz tubes for the manufacturing of camshafts in the automotive industry.  

The high temperature resistance, low specific expansion coefficient and the associated mechanical stability of the Novosil quartz tubes make them perfectly suited for use in thermally highly loaded processes or production steps. No other material is better suited. These tubes are thus used in refractory products or as a so-called "lost casting core" in the manufacture of camshafts.

Furthermore, they are the ideal carrier material for the heating coils installed in infrared emitters.

Here Raesch Quarz (Malta) Ltd has a strong position in the niche markets of the metal and automotive industries.

Application examples:

  • Lost casting core
  • Infrared-heating elements
  • Infrared emitter
  • Tubes for inline measuring probes

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