Special light sources

Thanks to its excellent transmittance properties and its high thermal shock resistance, quartz glass is the perfect starting material for the production of special lamps.
The quality and reliability of such special light sources or UV lamps therefore largely depends on the lamp quartz used.


Short arc lamps

So-called short arc lamps are high-performance discharge lamps with high radiation power. A part out of it are metal halide and xenon short arc lamps. Due to their product properties in terms of light output and color rendering index, such high-pressure discharge lamps are the ideal light source for film and video projections.

The lamps are used, for example, in architectural lighting, where buildings or monuments are perfectly staged with the help of light projectors. Another application is the use in solar simulation systems.

For a demanding specialist lamp manufacturer, high-purity quartz glass is indispensable. Therefore, our quartz glass products have been used for years for further processing into short arc emitters.



Quartz glass emitters, which produce artificial ultraviolet radiation are called UV lamps. These special light sources are used for example in printing presses for ink and varnish curing. Thanks to their germicidal effect, special UV lamps are used for the disinfection of surfaces, air or water.
Consequently, the quartz glass material used must have best transmittance properties to ensure good performance in print machines or surface sterilization and water treatment plants.
Different types of quartz glass and a variety of quartz tube diameters allow a precise adaptation to the particular application.