Quartz glass plates

In addition to various round materials, such as quartz glass tubes and quartz glass rods, our company also has quartz glass plates in its product range. Thanks to its outstanding chemical resistance, good optical properties and extremely high temperature resistance, plate material is particularly suitable for applications where thermal processes must be performed and monitored.

Our quartz glass plates are therefore used as sight glasses in high-temperature furnaces. Due to their high UV transmittance, the quartz glass plates are also used in UV systems in which components have to be protected against dust or gases or must be cooled in a defined manner.
In optical applications, mostly synthetically produced quartz glass, so-called fused silica, is used. The plates are used, among other things, as object carriers or microscopy glasses and in laser optics.

Quartz glass plates can be tailored and dimensioned according to customer specifications with the CNC laser machine installed in the production facility in Malta. Upon request, the quartz glass plates are ground and mechanically polished by us. In doing so, we pay the utmost attention to a professional processing and a perfect starting material with the best optical properties. Our quartz glass is therefore checked after each process step.

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Application examples:

  • Covering plates
  • Optical lenses
  • Object carriers for microscopy
  • Quartz glass plates in UV-modules
  • Sight glass in ovens