Lamp bulbs

The production of lamp bulbs made of quartz glass is particularly noteworthy among our fabricated components. Specialized in the processing of natural, ozone-free and ozone-producing quartz glass, we prepare any quartz glass tubes for further processing.
Due to its product properties, no other material is better suited for this application than quartz glass. Its typically high mechanical resistance withstands pressures up to 60bar and withstands thermal loads up to 1,200 °C effortlessly.

Depending on the application, we produce oval lamp bulbs, spherical discharge lamps or customer-specific round tube geometries. For this purpose, we use pure or doped quartz glass and coat it with retrospect.
Since only the best quartz glass is suitable for discharge lamps, we always pay attention to a low-bubble and streak-free starting material with impeccable optical properties. That's why we test our quartz glass after each production step.

Raesch has a flexible and versatile production philosophy that enables us to serve a wide range of customers with a variety of tailor-made products. These include lamp bodies for microlithography, short arc lamps for lighting, and XBO lamps for cinema projection. Lamp bodies for electrodeless plasma lamps for daylight simulation and other microwave-fired applications are other types of special light sources produced by Raesch.

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Application examples:

  • Short arc lamps for movie and cinema projectors
  • Metal halide lamps for 
    stage and studio lighting 
  • Reprographic lamps
  • Sun simulation lamps