Quartz glass sleeves

A quartz glass sleeve is an essential part of any UV water filtration system. The sleeve protects and acts as a barrier between the UV lamp and the water flowing past.   The protection sleeve can gradually become coated with mineral deposits and other contaminants which otherwise would go onto the lamps.

Here at Raesch Quartz (Malta) Ltd we produce sleeves in various sizes. All these sleeves are thoroughly cleaned by experienced operators using cost effective methods.

These sleeves can have open ends, close ends or even caps.

Open end sleeves are usually fire-polished for a smooth finish that facilitates handling and minimizes chips and breakages.

Skilled glass blowers work on the doming of quartz sleeves and also offer flaring of open ends to facilitate insertion of end caps.  In fact another service we offer is the mechanical insertion of end caps supplied by our customers.

We also offer laser marking/engraving on the sleeves according to customer requirements.

Application examples:

  • Ultraviolet lamps used in Water Filtration Systems

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