Semiconductor industry

The demand for semiconductors, which has been unbroken for decades, is still rapidly increasing. Driven by, among other things, the impressive development in the field of digital manufacturing automation and the high demand for integrated circuits, wafer manufacturers are forced to produce ever larger wafers. The advancement of this development requires at the same time the production of ever larger batch systems and process tubes.

In addition to the delivery of large-volume quartz tubes by Raesch Quarz (Malta) Ltd, Raesch also supplies the semiconductor industry with various manufactured products. The high-purity quartz glass, together with the Raesch laser CNC machine, has proven to be a profitable combination for supplying the semiconductor industry with quartz glass consumables.


Process tubes

In the semiconductor industry, annealing and diffusion processes are necessary manufacturing steps for wafer production. The processes take place in horizontal or vertical furnaces. The silicon wafers are introduced into a process tube and heated in a controlled manner. This process tube must be exactly matched to the reaction chamber in the wafer furnace. Today, mainly 8" and 12" wafers are manufactured.
As a manufacturer of quartz glass, we produce high-purity quartz glass tubes on a customer-specific and two-step basis and thus offer the perfect solution for every wafer producer.


Quartz boats

For transporting the wafers in a diffusion furnace or oxidation furnace so-called silicon boats are used. These quartz boats place particularly high demands on the purity and temperature resistance of the material from which they are made. The manufacture of these wafer boats requires, among other things, individual components such as rods and plates made of quartz glass.
In close cooperation with our customers, we also develop complex products and individual solutions.

Quartz glass carrier

In the production and refinement of wafers, their purity has top priority. This also applies to the materials that come in contact with the semiconductor material during wafer production, such as wafer carrier. Quartz glass stacking systems are for example used in clean rooms for the storage and transport of wafers.